Brian N. Willis is an international financier, humanitarian, and philanthropist. He is a founding member of Billionaires Elite VIP, with over 20,000 members globally. The Billionaires Elite VIP Club was created for very special and professional individuals for networking reasons. 



Mr. Willis is also active with the Republican Congressional Committee and is an honorary co-chairman to the Republican Business Advisory Board for the state of California. He is well respected for his ambition, vast-ranging knowledge, and exemplary leadership, and has received a number of awards as the Republican Presidential Honor Role under President Donald J. Trump, Top 100 Registry of Business Leaders, Marquis Who's Who In America 2017-2018 including Business Man of the Year for 2005 and 2006, Republican of the Year for 2006, a Congressional Medal of Distinction, a Congressional Order of Merit, Who’s Who inclusions for years 1995, 1996, and 2002, a Certificate of Recognition from the International Commission, and an honorary Doctor of Philosophy from the International Royal Academy of United Nations.  Mr. Willis complements this remarkable profile with an equally commendable array of philanthropic pursuits. He works with various humanitarian groups and charities including the Christian Children’s Fund and the Foundation For Our Children’s Children (FFOCC). Mr. Willis is also a frequent contributor to such causes as the Red Cross and Feed the Children. 


Press Release

26/06/2019: Brian Nelson Willis is the new Minister of Culture of the Templar Nation

26/06/2019: Brian Nelson Willis is the new Minister of Culture of the Templar Nation

Brian Nelson Willis, 62, of Irvine, California (U.S.A.) was appointed Minister of Culture of the Templar Nation last June 23rd.

Willis is a great international finance   expert, but he is also a well-known philanthropist and art collector.

Near the United States Republican Party, Willis has received numerous awards, most recently also by President  Donald Trump.


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